Ireland’s Writers and Poets, A Literary Landscape

As a nation, we have produced four Nobel Laureates of literature and four winners of the Booker Prize. For a country of just under five million people, this is very impressive per capital. Here we have created a Storymap which illustrates some of our greatest literary giants and how our island’s beautiful landscape supported their creativity and inspired some of their wonderful writing. From historical, to more contemporary writers and poets, click through to learn more.

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Visiting Ireland This Year? Upcoming Events in Killarney

The summer and autumn seasons in Killarney and the surrounding areas are the busiest times of the year for festivals and events. From horse racing, to major sporting events, musical performances and family friendly festivals, there is never not something to attend or participate in. If you are visiting Ireland this year and plan to take a trip to Killarney, home of the famous Lakes of Killarney and a focal point on the Ring of Kerry, consider attending one of these upcoming events.  Killarney Racing Festival, August 19th to 22nd Image Source: / Pawel NowakThe autumn meet for the ‘Killarney Racing Festival’ takes place between Wednesday, August 19th and Saturday, August 22nd. A premium horse racing event, it is one of the biggest social occa ...

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